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Dental General Manual, Covered Services and Bulletins


Dental Manuals

Dental Manual
Dental Fee Schedule

To search for specific information within the PDF document, select Ctrl F on your keyboard and type your keyword in the find box.


Important Dental Information

2015 Manual Updates

2/19/15 - Updated Retention of Records Section 3.8.2, updated Chapter 9 Wyoming HIPAA 5010 Electronic Specifications, updated Benefit Plan Guide

1/28/15 - Updated Benefit Plan Guide Appendix and revised Section 10.3
1/26/15 - Revised Invoice Charges Section 6.4.1

2014 Manual Updates

12/17/14 - Updated Section on page 10-18 to include additional information regarding D8660
11/17/14 - Updated all claim form information to reflect the new 2012 ADA Claim Form
10/14/14 -  Updated Section 10.2.2 Information on code D0376
9/1/14 - Updated Section 6.7 (LOA), updated Section 10..2.21 to reflect the new Malocclusion Program Changes, added new forms (Referral Under 12 and Malocclusion Treat ment Request) Section and
7/1/14 - Added D0367 to Section 10.2.2, added D0191 to Section 11.2.1, Added D4355 Section 11.2.5
4/1/14 - Removed Note in Section 10.1.14
3/17/14 - Added sentance regarding D4910 in Section 10.2.9
3/1/14 - Added FQHC Section 10.1.7, Added codes to section 10.2.11
2/14/14 - Added Code D7941 to Section 10.2.13
2/4/14 - Added wording to Section 10.2.9

July 1, 2014 Changes

Effective July 1, 2014 and foward, Wyoming Medicaid will be accepting new dental codes.  Information regarding these new codes, billing for deliverable items, Letter of Agreements (LOAs) was sent out in a provider bulletin via email.




As of January 1, 2015, Wyoming Medicaid will only accept the 2012 or newer ADA claim form. Older versions of this form will no longer be accepted and will be returned to the provider unprocessed.


Dental Bulletins and Forms

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